Sasha Rose

Added June 9, 2022

Sasha Rose - a real Russian beauty - comes back to Perfect Gonzo for some double penetration creampie treatment... And boy, our guys gives her all they can. The girl took dp like it was making a cofee or something - a real lover of anal sex it seems and a great pro in that! At the end the guys lining up at her ass to get this load of theirs off from their balls, as deep as possible. Very enjoyable, energetic scene, please enjoy as we did making it!

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Sasha Rose


Body Type smooth skin Breasts fake medium round Butt average Cumshot creampie - anal creampie - multiple Ethnicity caucasian Eyes blue Face Type glamorous slutty Pubic Hair shaved Pussy/Labia meat curtains medium Skin tone light

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About time she gotta creampie in her arse!


Sasha Rose is wearing sexy orange lingerie at the beginning of the scene. After a few minutes she undresses herself and you can see her beautiful butt. She fucks her butt with a steel plug. When the two guys enter the scene she sucks their dicks. There is some pussy fucking but very soon one of the guys sticks his hard cock in her asshole and she sucks the other guys cocks. You can see some hot anal for several minutes. At 24 minutes the DP action starts. Very nice to see this, in a scene with two guys, the girl should always get dp'ed. The rest of the scene you can see some hot dp action. The scene is well shot with nice body shots and you can see that she really enjoys (and feels) the cocks. At the end of the scene both guys shoot their loads inside Sasha's asshole. When the first guys has filled her asshole, you can see some cum dripping out of it, but the second guy sticks his cock in her cum filled asshole and fills it with more cum. This is what I like to see in a multiple creampie scene.


Sasha Rose returns for more anal fun, but this time she gets two guys and takes the spurts of warm spunk inside her rear end instead of her mouth. We catch up with her indoors as she teases wearing a bright orange bikini top and matching bottom underneath some shorts. She shows off her body while wasting no time in peeling off her outfit, leaving only her heels on. Legs spread and settled on the floor, she introduces a beaded steel plug inside her hungry rectum (very sexy). She continues to toy her behind while propped up on a couple of high chairs. Playtime is soon over as two cocks join the fun 11 minutes in. Sasha sinks to the floor and double sucks her men in the squatted position, her glossed pouty lips looking absolutely perfect wrapped around all of that hardness. She soon finds herself back atop one of the swivel chairs as one guy pumps her cunt while the other gets sucked. The real treat with threesomes, however, are the DP's and this scene has 5 of them: Reverse cowgirl (24:25 - 27:35), semi standing (28:10 - 29:30), more semi standing (30:30 - 31:35), more reverse CG (31:35 - 34:20) and CG (35:10 - 37:30). The first creampie is pumped into our girl while she sucks on the second guy - it sounds like a generous load, but very little is pushed out. The second guy manages to fuck out the first pie while depositing his own into Sasha's wonderfully exhausted butt. I love this model and can't get enough of her. A fantastic 2-on-1 with many instances of double penetration. Highly recommended! - Ivan -


I think many people asked for it so now we have the beautiful Sasha Rose in a double penetration scene. As always she is looking stunning and I really like her tan lines. For warm up she starts using a metal butt plug with kegel balls, I've to say that the initial camera shots focusing Sasha's ass with the toy were very well done! After some minutes of playing with herself the male performers appear to start the sex scene. They start with Sasha doing some passionate oral sex with both cocks and then some unusual positions that we not normally see on Perfect Gonzo which is a good thing to watch this time. The DP lasted a fair amount of minutes doing cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Both male performers cum inside her. 10/10 [-Ramon VM]