Ria Sunn

Added August 14, 2015

Czech newcomer Ria Sunn visited us for an anal scene, it quickly turned into a proper double penetration. Lots of stuffing both her holes, finishes with nasty creampies. Enjoy!

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Ria Sunn

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Ria is a keen swallower, missed opportunity here :(


Come so close to having a great scene but the angles just don't cut it. Hot girl but really wish the cameraman or director would do better.


This is probably the only girl in the entire industry that I wish was not doing such hardcore scenes. This one is not bad but she tends to do a lot of scenes with LegalPorno I think, and some of those scenes are just too damn hardcore for such a beautiful girl. I wish she would preserve herself a little more so that we could get to enjoy her for a longer run. I just really hope she slows down a bit for her own good even if it means taking a break before she breaks, pretty girl like that should not even need to be doing these things in the first place.


Thanks to Perfect Gonzo for including a generous supply of DP pics along with this vid. And congrats to the cameraman / producer / director of this vid for talking such a beautiful young lady into doing such nasty, wonderful things in front of a camera. We need more vids of her doing anal and DP. Preferably with creampies.

David - Perfectgonzo

4k is available now!


Great scene, Ria is an absolute stunner.


Please upgrade this vid to 4K Ultra HD. And please bring her back for some swallowing scenes dressed as a nurse in high heels and keep outfit on.


I think Ria Sunn is a very sexy model, she definitely knows how to flirt. It looks that she really wants to give the best for the scene and she makes a good effort performing with those two male talents. I also feel that on specially on these particular scenes the female performer should fuck the male performer[s] and not the opposite. This because we can't see what the girl is capable of. We can't really see all her sexual skills when she is only getting banged. But also, the scene looks very flat and is wasted in many aspects. I will give this scene an 8/10. Not because Ria, she is very good, because of the scene in general. [-Ramon VM]


Lets not lie, Ria Sunn is stimply stunning, a 10/10 girl if ever there was one. And instead of dating some old guy with lots of money to look after her, she's struck out on her own and she's making her way in the world by letting us see her fuck for $$. God bless Feminism and the Internet.

There's a tease and it's two guys who turn up, both strong performers usually so lets see what happens.

It's 16:15 and dick meets pussy for some doggy style while she blows the other guy. She looks great and it's a quick change at 18:00 and he's up the ass. More pussy fucking next time please. She takes the cock really well and there's a couple of big gapes.

There's a bit of poor editing and the lead up to the DP has been rushed since one minute she's on her back with cock up her ass and two seconds later we cut to a scene where she's about to be DP'd. It's a shame. DP is always best approached with her on top of the ass fucker, puss spread wide and the guy coming up and dicking her pussy. Just like at 44:15 in fact.

Where's the standing DP where she's held up by the male talent one in front, one behind? This should be mandatory in all DP scenes. The two guys look strong enough.

Again there's a harsh cut from DP to her getting nailed from behind and a big creampie. It's not clear what's happened here. Did guy number one nut her first? Either way if there's been DP she should get creapied first in the pussy, then in the ass.

A super girl, good male talent but a few hiccups on the way it was put together loses it half a mark. 9/10 (..reviewer-SJ)


Best CZ import what we can get right now!
Pretty natural B cup boobs and nice long legs and pretty skin.
I like her brown eyes and blonde hair, not what you see everyday.
Her holes are so perfect and nice gapes, not to huge and not to small.
The eye contact while blowjob is great and the best part is the reverse cowgirl balls deep anal cock riding, seems she can't get enough of anal.
Creampie double is the best end, just what I not like so much because it was in standing position, had prefer in doggy or missionary.
5/5 rating


I had to pick my jaw up off the floor when I seen this girl. She is absolutely stunning. Hope to see alot more of her taking it up the ass!


A beautiful & sexy girl in a DP scene - that's perfect porn to me!
Great anal action (esspecially in reverse cowgirl) and nearly 11 minutes of pure DP action.

I would love to see more scenes in this style & also more of the lovely Ria Sunn.