Carla Cruz

Added April 24, 2019

Long time no see Carla Cruz gets her deep penetrated pussy creampie finally. We literally found this scene on the bottom of a drawer - just so we can deliver after some dust off.

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Carla Cruz


Body Type athletic Breasts medium Butt average Clothes dress Cumshot creampie - pussy Ethnicity caucasian Eyes brown Face Type baby face Furniture lounger Hair long - straight Hair color brown Location living room terrace Male - Dick size average Male Models Renato Position doggystyle regular missionary reverse cowgirl spoon Pubic Hair shaved Pussy/Labia medium Sex blowjob - single female orgasm vaginal Skin tone light Toys vibrator



Carla Cruz is one of my favorite models. She has something special that I love and I think it's a combination of beauty and personality. I consider this scene to be a very complete scene starting with the fact that she is given two dildos before starting the sex sequence. During sex both performers make different sexual positions and camera angles allow you to watch Carla's action and the best of her body. Finally, I would like to suggest that Perfect Gonzo should make more content with her because she is truly a very attractive and interesting model with numerous skills! [-Ramon VM]


Carla Cruz is my kind of woman! Sultry, sexy, foxy:-). Great ass and pussy. Beautiful body and skin, perfect eyes, lips, face and hair. She looks amazing for 33 yrs old-- if she hadn't said that I would have guessed 10 yrs younger! Best of all, she's a bundle of sexual energy and really gets into the performance! From the beginning where she was rubbing her nice clit and pussy to get warmed up to the culminating cumshot in reverse cowgirl, the action was great throughout. I loved her continual use of the magic wand as I love it when the woman feels good as well and it seems to make the overall sex better. The only thing that could have made this great scene better would have been if we could have seen an actual orgasm from her at the end (pussy contractions) pushing out naturally the nice cum load deposited into her sweet, sweet pussy. Really hot stuff though, right up my alley! 5+/5.