Sandra Luberc

Added May 3, 2014

Beautiful Russian babe Sandra Luberc takes it up her butt, gapes big and enjoys an internal cumshot.

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Sandra Luberc


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love her lips!


Hell yeah bring her back!




What a pleasure this girl is to watch. Her high pitched whimpers started as soon as she was getting her ass and pussy eaten, which coupled with her stunning good looks was so satisfying. Thankfully these moans of pleasure carried on throughout the whole scene as she got her ass fucked. She takes a hard anal pounding with ATM and some gapes. Top scene.


For my 100th review, I am feeling a bit anti-climatic. Sandra Luberc is pretty, but also really gets into it at the same time. She sucks dick like she's siphoning molasses, and gets throated to boot. She makes decent contact with the viewer, but there could have been more eye contact. She's got a fit body, but not one that has features that distract from the video overall. That's not a great thing, since I like distractions. She takes it in the ass like a pro, but does not really change her tempo or tone the entire video. It's like setting your car on cruise control for a long ride instead of, say, a destruction derby or monster truck rally. Apologies to my non-American readers or those from the deep south. There is a point that she looks just off-camera to someone and looks like she is wondering when the scene was going to end. It's a good video, but I expected a bit more from the image that was being portrayed. - Civlor


If you love auburn hair girls, you shouldn't miss Sandra and her fascinating legs. Her body is sensual and graceful. Her cunts is an artwork: perfect skin tone, big lips, pink as strawberry inside.
The scene begins with slow strip that allows you to discover Sandra's body inches by inches while she stimulates her anus with an insert. During the foreplay, Sandra shows all her intense pleasure and she can't wait to being fucked. Vaginal sex is stunning: seeing that awesome pussy gets fucked is really shocking! She screams sweetly while her anus being drilled hard in different positions. There's nothing to criticize in this video, even if I have to find a flaw, I'd like to see her in a pussy creampie video Asap!!
Girl rating: 10+; Foreplay: 8; Sex: 8; Creampie: 8


From Russia with love! Here comes Sandra Luberc! I posted something like this on the trailer, but now its time to review the real video! Sandra is a hot russian babe. Her ass looks so sweet and so soft, but the really amazing thing about this scene are those beautiful eyes. For me, and I'm sure many other viewers will agree, the best part of the scene is the throat fucking while those beautiful eyes look straight to the camera! it's just awesome! and she seems to enjoy it! Well gotta love this girl, specially her eyes. I hope she’s back for more soon! watching her on TamedTeens or Asstraffic would be great!


Yes, she is simply beautiful. A great anal performer.


Sandra has a classic Russian Beauty look about her. Truly stunning! The scene starts with a long tease and a beautiful blowjob. PG really going in for the girl on back BJ's these days. Then onto some pussy fucking with Sandra taken doggy style and then on top. Love the way she keeps her thong on for this. Next she's on all fours and she's getting a big meaty dick up the butt. Some nice ass gaping and some really beautiful pink pussy gapes too. Should more time should have been been taken over the ass fingering around 30:45 but great to see anyway. The pair work their way through a few more positions before he pops in her ass and she encourages it to trickle out. Great scene, would have been good to see some more slow close up fingering or toy work on her pussy and ass.


Sandra is easily my favourite Russian performer, so perhaps I'm biased, but it also means I expect more, and this scene met pretty much everything I wanted. The tease is nice, helped by Sandra's expressiveness and sense of fun, but we soon get to the blowjob. As said in another review, we don't get face fucking, but what we do get is still memorable, especially when she is upside down, braided ponytail dangling beneath her and her big brown eyes staring back. Perhaps the only complaint is that it would have been nice to see her take him a little deeper. Vaginal sex next, I just love how her pussy clings on as he pulls out. But it's the anal that makes this scene so great. We get doggy with Sandra on all fours on the couch, cowgirl with her bouncing up and down, missionary with her on the arm of the couch, and finally standing doggy with the anal creampie and a wonderful wink to the camera after its run out between those pussy lips. There's about 25 minutes of brilliant, intense anal and ATM, and its a credit to both performers and the cameraman for capturing it so well. More please.


Still haven't made it through to the end yet, she keeps "getting me" in a good way, she is smoking hot.


This one is a keeper. Sandra Luberc is attractive without a doubt. And when you throw in the nose ring and the outfit, the impression was a real slut ready to do her thing, and as it turns out, the impression was right. The most attractive thing about Sandra was her fantastic butt dimples which were quite enjoyable to view in all their glory during the tease. (When she rode cowgirl they were really on display.)
Throughout the sex she was very vocal. Nice little whimpers combined with deep moans and breathing. This was a wonderful combination along with the variety of camera angles. The one thing that really stood out with Sandra was her work giving head, especially when she was on her knees. This girl gives a fantastic blowjob.(As far as blowjobs go, my hat is off to the director of these scenes. The girls lately are truly giving head. In my opinion porn lost that in the last couple years with all the face fucking. ) Some of the hottest shots of this scene were when Sandra was bent over. Check out the 21:40 mark for an especially good close up shot of her facial reaction while still maintain a good view of her ass in the air. 23:45 noted a fantastic transition from doggie to cock sucking. The male talent moved around her smoothly and fed her the cock. This scene also has something you rarely see done really well and that was a nice shot of the cock being smoothly put into a girls ass for the first time in a scene. She and male talent were in a real good rhythm the whole way through which made the action fly by, but in a really good way. In cowgirl anal maintained her balance right as the male talent worked her tight asshole. Finally,if you can get to the final moments of this scene, you will be in for one of the better internal anal and cum leakage moments you are going to see in porn. This girl is a keeper and should definitely be back for an Ass Traffic DP. - Tudor


Hell yeah bring her back!


Please bring her back for more anal creampie love it!


What a beauty this babe is. I just love her, really nice movie.