Rozalina & Lynna

Added March 8, 2015

Rozalina Love & Lynna Nilsson get down and dirty with a lucky stud. He cums in Rozalina's pussy and Lynna eats out the load.

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Lynna Nilsson, Rozalina

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Romanian Rozalina and Swedish blonde Lynna team up in this update. Lynna recently had her baby hole creamed and lets her friend take the pie this time. I was excited to see Roz again - she was last spotted sharing a load with Adriana Brill in April 2014. The tease is particularly short, but the girls do manage to warm up with some oral. The mesh one-pieces look fantastic on them, as do the petite thongs adorning their asses.

I was hoping to see a 2-on-2, but fortunately these babes know how to share; they play nice and get equal time with the cock. The sex is energetic and varied, with all three genuinely enjoying it. The gals would occasionally kiss but not nearly enough. The tops stay on throughout, which I loved - it's so sexy when the models remain partially dressed. My favorite position was Lynna stacked atop Rozalina as Szabi went back and forth with enthusiasm.

Just as beautiful was Roz at scene's end, holding her legs back as the guy drained his balls into her hungry cunt. Hungrier still was Lynna who eagerly dove in for dessert. This was an All Internal with a touch of Sperm Swap.

- Ivan


I have to say that i normally prefer to see my porngirls beeing topless while getting fucked and never understand it when the girls keep their tops on during a porn scene. But here it is ok because it are just fishnet-tops so that you can see nearly everything. Plus there is a nice situation at 39:00 while Rosalina Love is sucking Lynna's nipples she recognices that she hides her own tits and nipples under her relatively close meshed fishnet-top (really nice facial expression here because you literally can see how she gets that thought). So she directly pulls her top a little bit down and gives us a free sight on her beautiful breasts.


Perfect ending! Rosalina Love gets creampied and Lynna Nilsson directly licks and slurps her pussy clean and swallows the cum.


It seems like your starting to understand the cream pie concept. But, here is a few positives. Her position is probably the best cream pie position. Trust me its the only type of porn I watch. The missionary with her legs held back absolutely brilliant marketing... that is if you are really trying to get the cream pie audience to stay with your website. Negatives: you guys never let her gape her pussy, you do it with a lot of anal (I hate watching anal because I want to see the cum inside her pussy not her ass). We creampie connoisseur want to see the gape, We want to see the cum literally inside the vagina after its done. Speculum is a concept you have not implemented. Japanese creampie porn is really popular, and they kind of understand the niche. But, you have something that Japanese porn doesn't, shaved vaginas and uncensored porn.

If you want me to resubscribe add some of these concepts I will keep buying it. But I really hate how most of your videos cut out right before the cream pie, which i think is usually fake, and most people who watch them will consider them fake. Also really watery cum shots or milky ones look fake. Note to the direct, if the guy cums in her once and it looks like a shitty cream pie, well make him cum in her again. I think that is an easy solution to really capturing that creampie that fans want to see. That will seperate you from the rest of the garbage thats out there. Because there are a great deal of shit creampie videos out there that look incredibly fake but they are using such a hot girl.

We creampie fans want ot see the guy cum inside pull out make her gape and then he goes back to fucking that cum inside her.

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I'm very happy to see again Lynna Nilsson and now making team with a beautiful partner Rozalina Both are extremely beautiful girls with amazing sexual skills. Their girl, girl action was nice and delicate but at the same time very provocative to see. I really enjoyed seeing Lynna and Rozalina making the blow job! Their skills and style for sucking cock are very similar plus watching a blonde and a brunette giving a beautiful blowjob is priceless. Great skills for both girls! All the sexual poses that the girls make are fantastic. This scene makes me want to experience a threesome with a pair of girls like these that really care about man's pleasure and that actually know how to make it as a team. I only had wish to see both girls sharing the cum. 10/10 [-Ramon VM]


A two-girl video can be a real treat, especially when a shared creampie is involved. The two girls didn't initially excite me but Lynna especially is a sexy lady who really got into her performance. The two lovely girls look great lying on their backs with their pussies spread waiting to be fucked by the male performer. And Lynna closes the scene out with an enthusiastic eat-out of the creampie just deposited into Rozalina's pussy. Wish the cum was a little more visible in her mouth but she does a thorough job licking it from her friend's pussy and asshole. A really nice finish to a surprisingly strong effort. 8/10 mmmgood


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