Lindsey & Nataly

Added August 28, 2013

Lindsey Olsen and Nataly Gold are best friends and they show just how much in this incredible threesome that ends with an anal internal cumshot.

Featured model(s):

Lindsey Olsen, Nataly Gold

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close up assholes yummy, love it!


We need more scenes like this! Especially that cum fart at the end!


Lindsey Olsen and Nataly Gold make such an excellent team that they easily can make a complete girl/girl scene. I think they like each other. I couldn't believe that Lindsey actually "injected" Nataly with whipped cream inside her ass, that was funny, weird and stimulating at the same time. During the complete scene they look that they were having a great time both, like two friends having their own fun time. They knew how to share the cock while giving the blowjob but I don't know why Lindsey didn't get fucked. I know what's the point of the "All Internal" series but I would have rather see both girls with the cum inside their mouth. 9/10 [-Ramon VM]


Agreed! More cream! Should be standard in all vids lol. Taking a page out of JaySin's book. Love it.


How could I have not reviewed this video yet? I apologize for the blatant oversight. Lindsey Olsen and Nataly Gold are two of my favorite new actresses! Both of these girls could be cover models and we get to see them in porn! Good looking and dirty as hell make for a lethal combination. I love that, even though they tease each other lesbian-ly, their focus never leaves the camera/viewer. All the dressing and undressing normally gets old, but these two make it work. Their asses are works of art! Lindsey shows that she's not here to fool around by going straight for Nataly's asshole. I don't like food-play, but it's quickly forgotten as these two get working on some lucky dude. They work well together. My only criticisms are as follows: 1. Lindsey plays a supporting role, and never gets fucked. 2. The sex is 100% anal, no vaginal as far as I can tell. 3. Prolapse. Eww. Even with these flaws, it is still a great video. Keep up the good work! - Civlor


I love the whipped cream action! I wish there was more of it, more whipped cream please!


In this AllInternal update, we have Nataly Gold and Lindsey Olsen, some more hot Russian talent. They are both hot, though Nataly has been getting some bad comments recently as she appears to have gotten too skinny. This is not unfounded criticism, and you can see her shoulder blades jutting out very strangely at the end of the scene.
After some quiet teasing and feeling up of the girls, and some ass licking, Nataly takes a whipped cream enema which she shoots out, spraying the camera a little bit.
Nataly takes all the fucking in the scene, and entirely in her ass. Lindsey spends the entire scene looking straight into the camera and providing ass to mouth duty. After the pop shot, Lindsey tougues Nataly's ass, and we finish the scene with Nataly farting out the load.
I wanted to like this scene more, but there were very few full body shots of the action, and most of the fucking seemed to be a close up of Nataly's asshole taking cock and Lindsey's face in the shot, with her face and most of her body out of view. Even though she gets put in different positions, most of what we see is in close up. It would have been nice to see Lindsey get fucked as well.



My favorite part of this movie is the blow-job that starts at 27:00. Both girls suck the dick and balls using only their mouths and barely no hands. They keep doing it very slow and sexy for around 10 minutes. Then the guy fucks Nataly's asshole for the rest of the scene while Lidsey does some pretty good ass to mouth.
Probably the scene is too long and a bit slow. I think that both girls should do anal and ATM, what would make the scene more varied and interesting to watch.



When I preview a movie, I like to go to the "screenshots" and "photos", just to catch a glimpse of what I'm in for. I love foreplay. in fact, I love the 15+ foreplay in this movie as well as the double blowjob with clothes on in the photos section. I can't decide which is better!! But I guess the whip cream was a sexier choice. I'll wait for a threesome blowjob fest with clothes on in future movies...

The action is top-notch, the models as energetic and viril as ever. Nataly has a great ass and her legs keep going on to eternity... and Lindsey's ass-to-mouth is a feat worth watching over and over.

Another winner! - Tripod


This one is a winner: Two extremely beautiful girls and a dick. Just look at these legs. Smoking hot! As another member forementioned, it takes some time to get the action started. But, frankly spoken, I do not mind, because to me that is part of the gonzo genre. And this one is perfect - I guess that is why this site is called perfect gonzo!!!
As for the sex act: I love the ass to mouth part (Lindsey - goood girl!!!) and the anal cream pie.
Can this scene be done better: Maybe with a second dick. Other than that I give a 9 out of 10. (Mr_White - eurobabeindex)


Kudos to the make-up artist. The girls look simply stunning. Once the action starts, this is a strong all anal performance by Nataly who is giving us some nice facial expressions. I really liked how she pushed the goo from her ass. On the downside, the build up to the fucking seems to take ages. We'll have to wait 15 minutes before the girls bare their (beautiful!) pussies and another 15 minutes before the cock joins the fun. I could have done without the whipped cream, too.


When you combine two beautiful Russian girls, like Nataly and Lindsey playing together, the scene is a winner, definitely. These are on the top of the list. They have already the chemistry of playing in past scenes together, so we just win with that. It's great to see Lindsey licks Nataly's ass filled with cream. They both enjoy sucking man's instrument, putting it hard to penetrate Nataly's little asshole. It is a very nice ass-to-Lindsey's-mouth scene! She enjoys it. At the end, the anal internal cumshot is a bonus.


Nataly's ass and legs are pure poetry. Great camera work and deep anal penetration in cowgirl position. Would like to have seen deeper penetration in doggy or at least 1 in 5 strokes going deep. Lindsey is great in supporting role.