Karina Grand

Added August 8, 2014

Leggy blonde vixxen Karina Grand gets assfucked for a good half hour before a sticky anal creampie. Enjoy!

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Karina Grand


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Beautiful cunt, beautiful asshole. It ends with cum pouring out of her pink asshole down onto her pussy.


Karina is another pretty blonde who is more on the thin side. Where is PG finding these girls? When can I move there? Karina has some stunning eyes. (That may be 3 in a row.) Immediate bonus points for going straight to the ass. About a third of the way into the video we get a fantastic surprise. Karina is a skilled cock sucker. She throats it, plays with it, rolls it around inside her mouth, uses her tongue on it. Her tempo is perfect. She even gives some attention to the balls. As she gets pounded in the pussy and ass, she stops frequently to show off her cocksucking skills again and again. A solid scene that gets better and better as you move from start to finish. A keeper. - Civlor


I don't like this anal, please make a "normal" scene with her, thank you


I really like Karina Grand, so it's been great to see her appear on this site. As usual, she looks fantastic here, really working her icy blonde features well, and she is shown off at her best. I do agree with another reviewer though that she is just a little lacking in facial expressions to be perfect. I knew the scene was going to be great though when, during the blowjob, she slowly releases him from her mouth and looks straight into the camera. Really worth watching, and so intense. The anal sex is all you could wish for, shown from most positions, energetic, and always showing us what we want. The creampie is just amazing to watch. A really fine scene.


Yes perfekt, she also goes by the name of lana roberts.................. want to see her in a good DP


Very nice more more and more but isn't her other stage nam Lana Roberts?????????????


Karina is a long, lean blonde with a beautiful face and sexy body. For me there are five highlights to the video. At 49:30 she bends down to suck the hard cock, her eyes looking into the camera. At 52:00 she rides the stud's cock in reverse cowgirl, her long lean body stretched out, her pussy wide open, and her ass being filled with hard cock. This runs for several minutes but is well worth a look. At 55:00 she sits on a chair backwards and bends over giving the stud fantastic access and the camera a fantastic view of her talented asshole, her pretty pink pussy lips wide open as her ass is fucked. Check out the pleasurable look on her face at 58:40 as she feels the stud getting close to cumming in her asshole. Finally, a great anal creampie as she squeezes the plentiful cum from her ass and gapes her creamy asshole, once again her pretty pink pussy practically smiling at the viewer. Maybe she needs two guys at the same time next time, so her lovely asshole and cute pussy don't get lonely. 9/10 mmmgood


Hands down my fav. scene so far! love this girl! I loved the tight jeans booty tease right off the rip! And loved the nice anal creampie at the end and hear her fart out the cum!! amazing!! Please bring her back!!


Please DP with high heels on, love this girl


Karina is an amazing blonde whore with an incredible blue-eyed stare that really gets her audience immersed into the scene along with her fantastic body. She shows off her unique tattoos while spreading her pretty pink asshole open and exposing her sexy, slim waistline for us. Without hesitation she goes ass-to-mouth with a big blue dildo as her beautiful blonde hair flows in the wind. Watching her stick her tongue out and providing ample eye contact as she shoves a throbbing-hard cock down her throat will leave you in a state of absolute bliss - she is also very eager to suckle on the ballsack for a while. Karina's body is all that you could ask for and more: flexible, tight stomach, perky breasts and long legs. This wonderful scene finishes off with one of the best cum-farts in recent memory, and leaves you begging for more of this gorgeous blonde babe. This is definitely a multi-jerk session type of scene and I can't wait to see Karina take on multiple cocks in the future.


The ending was fucking phenomenal! Thank you for taking off those shoes! :)


So, Karina is simply stunning. She's blonde, slim, and has cute titties and perfect skin, like well glazed porcelain. The best news though, is that there's new male talent. First scene in a while where the guy actually looks like he's enjoying giving the girl a really good fucking here. No semi-hardons or lazy fuck-speed, just proper fucking. Nice. He goes for the pussy first and then slips it into her ass at 27.06 There's A2M throughout and he finishes off putting her on a stool and fucking her up the butt until he deposits a massive cumshot in her ass, which she pushes out. Her ass has been mashed, but in a nice way. This is a more intense scene, a hot girl and strong male talent, and it's better for it. A good 9/10.


Karina Grand is a wonderful blonde with long legs, big ass and some sexy tattoos. She loves to be penetrated in the ass, so after some teasing the male performer appears and start using a dildo in Karina's ass; but I prefer to see the models using by themselves all the toys and dildos in the foreplay. This way you can see how horny the model is, but also how hot and creative she can be during a scene. If there is something I must suggest to Karina, it will be to be more expressive; Tina Hot is a good example. Also her shouts are little annoying rather to be sexy. She is very beautiful but she needs to work on those things in my opinion. Something that I liked form her is the way she gives blowjob, I think she has potential to give magnificent blowjobs. [-Ramon]


Fantastic !!!! She is very beautiful !!!!! Lovely to watch her taking pipe. More of her please ......oh yes what a scene to stroke to.