Felicia Kiss

Added October 14, 2021

Felicia Kiss is a cute newcomer with a round butt and beautiful natural boobs. This is her first ever threesome, she gets a double vaginal creampie.

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Felicia Kiss


Art & Addons piercing Body Type athletic Breasts medium round Butt average Clothes casual high heels Cumshot creampie - multiple Ethnicity caucasian Eyes brown Face Type baby face fashion model Fetish spread pussy tittie play Furniture chair sofa Hair long - straight Hair color brown Location living room Male - Cum average Male - Dick size big Position cowgirl doggystyle regular reverse cowgirl standing Pubic Hair shaved Sex blowjob - multiple deep throat fingering vaginal Skin tone medium Tease boob flashing butt flashing striptease

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Loved the double cream pie - it's really hot how she takes both loads directly in a row (totally uncut!).
Also really fantastic fucking action : nice fuck from behind while Felicia is standing and wanking the other guy (20:30), Felicia looks amazing in reverse cowgirl and takes a really good fuck (39:00), especially enjoyed that cool & funny "spinning fcuking" on the bar stool (24:30) but the best is how she takes the dicks from 42:00 - just perfectly deep, hard and fat fucking.

I would like to see Felicia doing more scenes for PG because she did a really great performance here (especially when you keep in mind that she is a still totally new model)

btw: congratulations for your nice new studio ;)


I really like the expression of confidence and happiness that Felicia Kiss has. She looks sexier smiling with those thick lips. Her attire is perfect; you can see her big natural boobs looking form the bottom. The way she handles her own tits lets you know that she knows perfectly knows to tease you and at the same time please herself. But if that wasn't enough, Felicia has an extraordinary ass; all natural of course. And wow! She shakes here butt like few. She is majestic. I think the double creampie was great but the male performers could team up much better for this scene. I'm giving a 10/10 for Felicia but 7/10 for the male performers. Sorry. Because of them I felt the scene was somewhat monotonous. [-Ramon]


Felicia Kiss is 20, Hungarian and very reminiscent of Aurora Snow. Her outfit - a ripped top and tight leggings - quickly gets me going. Unfortunately, those sexy pieces don't stay on very long, as she tosses them aside to show off her holes. PG usually treats us to longer clothed segments, but not here. Zero toys for this babe as a couple of guys soon make their entrance.

They immediately begin working her from opposite ends and she seems genuinely satisfied. This initial position is held for 10 minutes, but they eventually mix things up. The action was hot enough, but Felicia's sucking needs refining and the absence of anal was disappointing. I don't always expect butt fucking, but in a scene with two cocks it should be a must. The best bit was easily the swivel chair back-and-forth pumping given to Miss Kiss.

This was a solid update in a beautiful new indoor setting. The double creampie was wonderfully done and captured. It kinda makes me want to jump through the screen and give our girl a third load. Please invite her back for some anal fun and a big swallow - this model has a lot more to give!

- Ivan


Comedy at 10:45. Got a little too close to the danger zone?


Incredible! Perfect and top notch porn, wow. An incredibly hot lady, as always great male performers and the right camera, angles and direction :) Very complex, outstanding.


Felicia is simply stunning. Fresh-faced, with large innocent eyes, gorgeous tits and a lithe body. And we have a new location, an ice-white kitchen/dining. Who knew that Eastern Europe had such great taste in both chicks AND interior design!?

So, there's a strip, and it's two guys from the off. The guy at the rear gets really stuck in with his face and his fingers. And who doesn't like to finger some pussy? It's 12:05+ and he slips his dick into her pussy doggy style, while she continues to suck on guy #2's cock. Felicia is just sex on legs, her eyes oozing sex appeal and the quick glances between the guys shows they can't quite believe their luck today. There's a lot of doggy style fucking, she looks great on top (39:30+), and finally the guys pound her missionary style until they pop inside. The fucking at 42:3 is really nicely done, big long strokes and Felicia make just the right sort of noises. The double creampie is huge and messy.

Felicia is a one-off, a true delight to watch, and I hope that PG get her back and film her time and again. The two studs give her a decent work out and the sex is hot. DP next time? 9.5/10.

PS. this video was tagged "rough sex", I don't see that.


Very nice newcomer! Love her natural boobs and body! The creampie is perfect! Also the new location looks very nice and good lighting quality.