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Angelina the queen of gapes gets that pretty little butt of hers pounded by two cocks. The guys drop their thick loads inside her asshole. She squeezes out both creampies.

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Angelina Crow


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Gaping works best with little tight hard asses like Angelina's is, she still one of the best and hottest girls ever in the Porn Biz, perfect hard body, great attitude in every scene, she just knows what to do best with her god given body and how to handle some big cocks


Great rough mouthfucking, in my opinion. I am not a fan of gapes as staring into a lil pink asshole makes me feel like a bit of a proctologist :D but there's gapes galore here for the gape fan. The fucking starts rough and the guy picks her up and tosses her on to the sofa/ futon like a sack and the other guy goes straight for her ass. Thereafter it is just relentless fucking and very good it is too. The photographer/ director directs the action well, good job man, without being too intrusive. The DP is good with both guys fucking her silly. But I agree with the above, the guys are too busy being rough and over the top and not really having fun. The girl is a game one though and is getting into the guys as much as she can. Suddenly it all stops and the pace slows....its cumshot time. The first cumshot is like an enema. The guy cums so much that there is a back flow and it gushes out as he pulls out. The second guy causes even more to gush out. And finally when she pushes more flows out. AWESOME!!!! Keep such scenes going guys I love them :)


Angelina Crow is looking cuter than ever with a nice haircut, a pretty pink dress and open toed stripper shoes. She's famous for her massive gapes and I was really looking forward to this anal creampie! We get a great tease of her awesome, shapely ass, covered by only a tight pink thong. The panties come down, and the director starts fingering her asshole, and when he pulls out, she gapes even wider than lots of porn girls would! Very hot. The view switches to POV, with Angelina totally naked as the ass fingering continues. She plays with her clit as the director fingers and gapes her. Next, he brings out a pink buttplug which goes right into her pooper. He pushes it all the way in, she pushes it out with her butthole, and he puts it right into her mouth. She walks over to a bar stool and sits on top of it such that her ass is perfectly positioned for fucking. The pink buttplug returns and again glides into her ass. She pushes it out again! She then crawls on the floor, and gets into doggie, spreading her ass wide open. A guy comes, eats out her ass, then presents his cock for her to suck. Another guy joins, and they waste no time throatfucking this gorgeous lass. She takes it in all different positons, on her knees, and on her back, with saliva being spit up repeatedly. Before long, one of the guys can't wait and decides to slide his cock right into her ass in mish. He nails her hard, and pulls out to show off a great circular gape. I mean, this is the gape of perfection right here. Both guys take turns nailing her ass and gaping her afterwards. A gonzo lover's dream! They do a brief reverse cowgirl anal tagteam, followed by spoon anal and a cowgirl DP. They close it out with a great reverse cowgirl DP, this tiny chick is getting impaled by these big cocks! For the finish, she is on the arm of the couch, ass available, and she is spreading her butthole for us to see. The first guy gets his cock in there and shoots a watery load into her ass. The second guy doesn't wait for her to push it out, as he starts fucking her ass, and as he thrusts, the first guy's cum is oozing out of there! Hot! The second guy's load is nice and thick, when he pulls out some of it comes out immediately. Angelina spreads her ass and shoots out some more cum, showing off her red gape, her asshole is wrecked! For raincoaters, this is the prime scene. Anal, A2M, gapes galore and anal creampies. This girl is a champion. So glad she's returned to us! Rating: 9/10


The opening of the video shows us a very pretty girl who knows how to smile and look alluring. She has a lovely body and is aware of it in a very sweet way. She strips nicely and moves in quite a sexy way inviting the men to touch her. Here is a lady who truly love sex and loves to have all her alluring holes filled with big hard men . She clearly enjoys having her pussy and arse fingered and explored as we finally see when her face is revealed some way into the scene. She has nice full lips, both ends and her smile is a genuine one. When the action comes and the men push their cocks into her she clearly is in ecstasy, head thrown back and crying out as they pound her hard. She seems to enjoy both the powerful arse fucking as much as when a cock is inside her pussy and working it hard. She sucks with enthusiasm and really takes as much cock as she can in her pretty mouth. All in all I get the impression that she likes it to be hard and rough; to feel the strength and power of the men and be their plaything unable to resist and enjoying the feeling of helplessness as she is put to the cock. The DP scene again shows her in ecstasy, though how she quite a slight person accommodates such a lot of pounding cock is a mystery to me. The whole video is a celebabeion of the powerful sex that big cats are notorious for. I feel that she could easily take more men in her stride and leave them exhausted and stunned. I liked the slightly pulsing cock as the sperm is injected into her arse.. My only criticism is that the men are two impersonal, they are only interested in themselves and don' seem to be able to appreciate her. They hardly look at her and approach the business in a workmanlike manner – I don't get the impression that they are enjoying it much, more doing a job.