Tina Kay

Added February 17, 2016

So Tina Kay stuck around a bit longer, we called 5 of our guys over and had them drill her ass. Part 1 includes mostly blowjob, part 2 with all the DP & creampies coming soon...

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Tina Kay

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Hurry up part 2!! Desperate to see this gorgeous hottie get ripped in 2!!!


Wow what a first part. Tina has THE Best pussy I've ever seen! It's immaculate, beautifully clean shaven, perfect colour pink, great clit it all looks so tasty! Looks fabulous open and closed. Like to see it in a camel toe.

She talks naughty and sounds like she really wants it which is great. She clearly loves cock which is great as she has 3 beautiful holes to be filled :) which is the main reason females exist! Tits are spot on too, good size and perfect wobble.

When she gets fucked in the ass missionary With her legs apart it is even more clear that she has best coochie u will ever see. That could entertain my face for hours and hours. When she says her ass tastes good when smoking her own mud is a beautiful moment. Pre-cum around her asshole develop nicely, a real turn on. Love to see Dora Venter cleaning off the cock and butt lining afterwards tho.

The only things I would like to see is some licking of her meat wallet + inside! and asshole, and the cocks are a bit small - I'd like to see 10 inches with her in more discomfort as clearly this is well within her limit.

Let's see what part 2 brings, I really want to be in it to dump hot fertilizer inside her ass!



Tina is an Eastern European chick with an affected British accent. She's very attractive and you'd probably see her sliding up and down a dancing pole at some high class gentleman's club. She has a neat, fat pussy and nice firm but floppy tits. You could spend hours playing with them. Hours.

She's a horny girl and she takes it well up the pussy and in the ass. I'm still not sure what to make of these "two part" epics. I think I'd prefer to see them more tightly directed and cut to an hour with more intense action. It's kind of like going out for dinner and only having starters, then going back the next week for mains. It's not quite right. Still, it's a solid start and the multiple creampie will be interesting. 7.5/10 (..reviewer-SJ)


What I love more about Tina Kay, is the way she flirts with the camera and the gestures she makes. Her smile and her eyes giving the same spicy message to you at the same time. Not to mention she is a very gorgeous woman with a splendorous body. Tina looks really good on that silver bathing suit, her breasts look even bigger. As I can remember like the last time, Tina has a pair of elegant and hot sexy legs with a beautiful massive booty. She is a very erotic model that enjoys of every moment of the scene, form her solo moment to the beginning of her gangbang. Tina is a great performer, I can't wait to see how this ends. PERFECT/10 [-Ramon VM]


Tina Kay excites and delights in her second PG scene. The lithe Lithuanian greets us in one of the most memorable outfits of these last few months; another two that stand out are Misha Cross' gold disco shorts (Nov 18) and Taylor Sands' pink + denim combo (Oct 13). Unlike those scenes, however, the outfit here stays on for a full 16 minutes, which I love. The metallic leotard sticks wonderfully to her body. "Just gonna rub those nipples right through this bodysuit", she says as she produces some pokies for us to admire. Tina talks dirty throughout, which enhances the scene greatly. "My holes are getting wet just thinking about nice big cocks filling them in", she continues. A couple of toys warm up her holes before just as many men come into frame.

Ms. Kay warms up one guy with her mouth while another toys her behind. A hot double suck follows before the men take her on the divan. "Oh, my ass tastes really deliciousâ?¦ suck all these ass juices right from your cock", our girl says during a bout of ATM. This 2-on-1 goes on for 12 minutes before a blue-jeaned trio of fresh cock is called upon, giving the other two a break. Several minutes of throating follow, then some 3-on-1 sex. The opening half concludes with all five guys surrounding the babe for some group oral.

If the second half is anything like the first, then wow! To be continued...

- Ivan - http://twitter.com/perfect18up