Tina Kay

Added March 9, 2016

So here's part two of Tina Kay's gangbang. She gets DP'd by five cocks, then they take turns cumming inside of her pussy and ass. Listen to her moans as they shoot her full of semen, she loves every drop of it.

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Tina Kay

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She is awesome. Please more pussy creampie!!!


More gangbangs, please


We have the final part of the gangbang of Tina Kay. We start in the pinnacle moment of the scene, Tina looks like she is having a fantastic time! We can see her laughing, smiling and giving the best of her at every second. The male performers take times to be in pairs doing DP mostly and other times they try to make a foursome. They start cumming inside Tina while doing DP and the fluids start to drip from her pussy and ass. At the end Tina starts taking some cum from her legs with her fingers to lick them. As I said in the first part of this scene, I think Tina is an amazing performer because she has a good personality and knows how to express it during the scene. I think the scene would be better if they ended with a bukkake. 9/10 [-Ramon VM]


Lets be honest, part 1 was pretty much a trailer/teaser and what we really wanted to see was a big DP and a massive deposit of cum inside this lovely lady. And that's exactly what we got. It's good porn, it's nasty, Tina looks to enjoy it and she has semen dripping from all her orifices at the end. A solid 9/10 (..reviewer-SJ)


Been dying for this since part 1! Just the description alone is awesome - 5 guy DP and spunking in both her delicious holes is to die for!! First the guys all take a turn giving her a gentle doggy anal and mini gape. 5 mins in Miss Kay is on her back sucking coxk whilst her ass gets fucked, this is a nice start as her pussy is the best I've ever seen, lovely body, legs and tit rub whilst she sucks cock and wanks 2 Dicks. At 8:30 we cut to the start of the proper action and what every girl needs - a good DP. Starting on her back legs spread apart we see loads of her perfect skin. Tina clearly adores getting laid a talks dirty with an English accent a massive turn on. Her titties get tugged and the she swaps cocks to try the other guys meat up her ass and absolutely loves the ride!! Still a bit take at this stage and she's clearly ready for the other 3 guys to fill her. Soon she gets what she's been waiting for, legs spread nearly 90 degrees and a third cock to fill her delicious mouth. She says 'I'm feeling so stuffed' just a joy to behold!!! Soon Tina is up to four cocks and still needs more!! Around 21 mins she rises her ass up to allow meat deeper inside her cunt and butt, cheeks are getting rosier from all the pounding and holes are starting to show cum and sex juice around her asshole, then she bounces with the sick and we get a delicious standing shot of her bald barbie snatch. Standing DP is next and she fuckin' loves it man!! Her face shows how good it feels and she looks surprised by how much she loves it. Her boobs bounce beautifully. Two other lucky studs then get a turn on her now wonderfully wet holes I'm dying to see cum ooze out of her by this stage! Turn they do all of a sudden and she fuckin' adores it and talks about how much she loves the creamy cum and is so hungry for cum, it's just too good to be true!! How the second matey takes so long to cum in her ass I'll never know!! Then a load of warm cream in her baby hole the lucky fucker!!! I can't believe this girl just too good to be true, finally a load for her ass. Incredible why can't all girls be like this?!