Added April 8, 2008

Lea's pretty ass is about to get fully injected with cum. Two big loads fill her ass and ooze out as a nasty double anal creampie.

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Whoa momma! hot diggity! My bruthas in porn, if you have not checked out this hottie you had better be downloading this movie as soon as you finish reading this review! Lea is the latest contender for the All Internal crown queen! Hot momma, she does it all! Anal, AtM, DP and to top it off, an Anal Creampie so hot you'll wanna shoot again! You see Lea leaning against the veneer counter in a mesh skirt meant for the beach or bedroom with a red bustee with black lace, perfectly accentuating her upper body ie, boobies. She's got that girl next door look about her and during the short interview she has with the camera you know that she's up for what's ahead. Lea herself is an approachable girl, not overtly beautiful like the elusive Linda nor is she butt ugly, She's the out-going girl you went to college with, saw at parties and met on and off after graduation. Thing is, she's the one that you can have casual sex with, no strings attached just sharing a night of hot sex and good-byes the next morning. In our case, Lea is willing to do that and a whole lot more, with two guys in a secret getaway! That is hot! She peels off her undies and does a little anal finger tease before getting comfortable on a couch. There she slides down her skirt only to her thighs and resumes her tease. Now I am almost 100% sure that all you porn brothers share the same erection when you see a hot girl with her panties just at mid-thigh, like she's been caught peeing or just can't wait for the dick long enough to pull down her panties. If you share this same interest, you will absoultely cream when you see this hotness wiggling her ass to and fro with her black skirt caught between her legs. One thing that you really enjoy about this movie - and its not apparent until the fuck is in deep and long - is the casual friendliness of the three players. Lea and her two studs seem to be having a genuinely good time! They make faces at the camera and comment on things. Rather than mechanical comments (fuck, that's good, uh-uh etc) you have a frank, almost warm atmosphere throughout the movie. This is not tosay that it is in anyway detracting from the action, like I said it has virtaully anything you'd want from a high grade pron flick. My point is that it gives you something more... and that I can onyl say is 'chemistry'. Like watching three Academy Awarding winning actors in a really well-made movie, Lea and Co deliver a performance worth a second and third viewing. highly recommended. :wink: