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It's Brittney bitch! Three guys penetrate her horny ass and dump their loads inside her. The cum drips into a glass from her ass and she swallows it down.

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MORE OF BRITTNEY, PLZ! She needs to get gangbanged and abused by at least 5 guys...


Is it me or does Britney get hotter with each video??? Here she is back in AllInternal fresh after she developed a hunger for anal in a stellar performance at Asstraffic. Britney looks really great here with her hair pulled back. She's got a wonderful fresh look. Like in her Asstraffic scene, Britney knows that the attention here will be focused right on her ass, so she does a lot of bends and spreads during the tease section. While perched on a stool the director goes in for the milk enema. But, for once, the girl has a lot of difficulty squirting the milk out of her ass. Britney does look like she is trying. But, this all does provide an excuse for the director to finger her ass. With all the fingering, some of the milk does dribble out, but the action is cut away to Britney showing her ass off some more. (Is there an upcoming blooper for this section??) This tease is also really nice an Britney now is fingering her own ass, with up to three fingers, also letting the director slip his fingers in her as well. Britney is soon surrounded by three cocks, and gives them a vigorous and sloppy blowjob. After a splendid blowjob, she gets put on her side. The stud puts his cock in her pussy, but he is told he is in the wrong hole, so he starts plowing her in her ass. Britney shows off her skills being able to deep throat while taking a hard anal pounding. The action continues in doggy, reverse cowgirl (with some tag team action), and back to doggy. In a reprise of some of the hottest sex from her Asstraffic video, Britney gets sodomized while sitting on a stool and sucking cock. About the 22 minute mark of the video, Britney starts getting dp'ed in the standard position, but she is airtight with a cock in her mouth. The sex is furious here, with Britney getting dp'ed in a couple different positions, frequently dismounting for cock sucking, getting fingered, and getting plowed some more. The video ends with Britney taking the loads in her ass while sitting on a stool, and cumfarting them into a cognac glass (classy!). Britney drinks most of the cum while little some spill out of her mouth. She shows us her freshly destroyed ass, goes back to finish off the spilled jizz, then shows us her ass some more. Britney is a fucking superstar. She is young, magnificently hot, and fucks like a rabid wild. And yet, she also seems quite sweet. Now that she does anal, she does it with fervor and has so much enthusiasm for everything. Fucking awesome. Rating 5/5


Oh - just another thing : I love the part where Brittney is on the barstool -buns just over the edge getting the biggest of the cocks hard and fast up the ass (love the full frame of her face during this)- This style off young girl assfucking -together with "head down and bare knees on a hard floor" ferocious, doggy is the best! -and exactly how all good looking teen girls should be fucked... I hope we will see Brittney back at Tamed Teens soon in a FULL ON tamed teens session with All ANAL (no pussy fucking) ATM throat gagging, face slapping / hair pulling scene with multiple HUGE cocks! More pictures of Brittney would be welcomed ! Especially of her face and mouth!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, Dmander6


I hope we will see Brittney back at Tamed Teens soon in a FULL ON tamed teens session with All ANAL (no pussy fucking) ATM throat gagging, face slapping / hair pulling scene with multiple HUGE cocks! More pictures of Brittney would be welcomed ! Especially of her face and mouth!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, D,mander6


By Dmander6: Brittney 10/10 Oh Brittney is one best porn-chicks EVER!! Brittney is so hot it's almost too much! Her face is super sexy with perfect slutty lips (I love the way she uses her lips). -And her body is over the top with huge super bimbo fake tits just way I prefer! To make it even worse Brittney as a super sexy voice -(too bad we don't get to hear her speak more!). I first saw Brittney at Tamed Teens -In a non ANAL scene (too bad) and I feared that it would just be "a one off" for cute young Brittney. But my hopes have been rewarded now that Brittney has made the ONLY right career move letting us see her getting hardcore assfucked and choking on hard cocks shoved down her throat! There is not much point in going in to detail about this scene since it already been done here. But it has the right elements: Good throat fucking and "straight to the ass" fucking - I love the milk bit too - The ANAL/MILK is always a winner turn on!! Overall Brittney is fucked good and hard in the asshole all the time and we get to see her perfect sexy face and hear her scream as her 19-year old ass gets power drilled with cock!! Excellent!!! Sometimes really hot chicks come along on the scene - but we never get to see them in full on hardcore cock choking anal action -but cute Britney is thankfully not one of those lame disappointments - To me Brittney is the dream girl!! Brittney T O T A L L Y rocks!!!! Dmander6


Oh my we get the pleasure of watching nineteen-year-old Britney. This girl has a model’s face and body, and a hooker’s attitude. Love the fact they have her blonde hair tied in a ponytail. That allows us to see her beautiful face and eyes better. Britney dances around a bit for us. The cameraman uses a squirt bottle to shoot lube up her ass. He also fingers her cute puckered opening. When Britney finally releases her tits from her top, I could feel my pants growing tight. Wow, what a nice set she has. The cameraman fingers her succulent pussy. This stunning bitch is given a cock to play with. Resting doggy on the black lounger Britney’s puts those plush lips to work on some good, old-fashion cock. After slurping his schlong another takes his place. It is wonderful to watch him place one hand on her throat and the other on the back of her head to ram his dick home. Britney enjoys spitting the yummy meat. It is awesome how she snarls her lips as she looks the cock. The boys love treating Britney to tubesteak. They put both dicks before her so she can switch between them. A third dick moves in from her right. The wildistic blonde appreciates all three of them. This superb looking bitch does not mind deep throating either. Huge strings of slobber dangle from each cock as she finishes with them. They rotate Britney 180 degrees on the lounger. Quickly, a cock slides into her shithole from behind as another wiggles into her mouth. This nasty whore loves snacking on the two stiff, one-eyed monsters waving in her face as the third one thrashes around in her stinkhole. Britney is a rare find, a lady with the look of a Victoria Secrets runway model and the carnal appetite of major-league whore. The initial backdoor man moves aside allows one of the others also a chance to pound her gaping asshole. He lifts her left leg as his dick slams in and out of her ass. The view is spectacular. Britney grabs the left hand of the stud assaulting her mouth, and moves it to the back of head. I can’t believe this bitch, she wants the guy to have as much leverage possible to power fuck her face. The action is intense, complete with some choking, face slapping and more. The third guy gets his opportunity to pound Britney’s ass also, but from the more orthodox doggy-position while one of his pals fucks her mouth also. On the white rug Britney mounts one of the rigid rods with her asshole in reverse cowboy-position. Another stud straddles her face. He pounds her mouth with authority. The guys switch positions several times. It is ferocious, encounter just like the good old 70’s and early 80’s before porn went soft and thoughtful. They go back to doggy-position on the rug as well. They absolutely bang her asshole. Britney squats on a stool. Once more her asshole is ripped open by cock. Britney also leans forward to suck on a cock. The stud uses both hands to drive her face down over his shaft. After stroking his cock in waiting the third guy steps in to fill her butt after left vacant. They have Britney kneel on the floor. One by one they viciously fuck her mouth. Something on her head must say “Place Hands Here” because the studs grab her head constantly, drivefully slamming it forward over their dicks. Britney seems like an old pro at it. Britney mounts one guy with her pussy on the rug as the other slides his cock into her ass. The third gent fills her mouth. The blonde goddess looks at home with all three holes filled simultaneously. Britney’s snarl is worth a million bucks. The guys switch around so everyone can experience a little pussy and a little ass during the DP. Britney’s perfect tits look majestic during shaking during the ass-pussy blitz. The three surround Britney as she kneels on the floor. The hair-pulling, head-grabbing, throat-fucking continues. It is like each guy is trying to out doe the other when it comes to ruthlessness and intensity. Back on the lounger Britney mounts a dick reverse-cowboy with her poopchute once more. Her begging pussy is swiftly filled, and from her right a cock is made available for her mouth. This blonde is a double-penetration dream. Back on the stool Britney squats. One by one our cowboys mosey on up to her gaping asshole. Each one of them shoots his creamy load into her cave. They place a wine glass under her puckered receptacle. Britney pushes the cream out. One of the guys uses his finger to help coax more of the cum out. We approach the the icing on the cake when he pours the slimy contents of the glass into Britney’s mouth. The nasty bitch swallows it right down. If I had to grade things I would do as follows: face (A), body (A), tits(A), nastieness (A), and climax (A). In my book that is a perfect score. In addition to this scene Britney has done Give Me Pink, Tamed Teens, Pure POV, Ass Traffic, and Sperm Swap. Oh please, please, please find a way to get about six guys and Britney together. I would kill to see her in Cum For Cover.


SUMMARY: Brittney has a rockin' bod. It's tight and soft in all the right places and looks especially amazing when she's bent over on all fours with a couple fingers up her ass. Add to that a particularly uninhibitted performance style and you've got the makings of a popular porn star. Although this scene is a little too "man-flesh-and-gang-bangy" for my tastes, its hard to deny that many others will love it. If you like Brittney, and you want to see her well and truly fucked, this is the scene you've been waiting for. DETAILS: Brittney is turning out to be quite the nasty little strumpet, I must say. She's still every bit the pouty-lipped sex-pot, although I prefer her in a different outfit and with longer hair. Those little details are a matter of taste, though, and her body is still undeniably sexy, fake tits and all. The scene starts with the director filling Brittney's ass with milk. He then has to assist her when she tries to expel it. The result is a pretty cool display of showering milk amidst a thrusting finger. Brittney continues to let the director's hand have its way with her holes before three guys show up to take over the job. Once they do, Britteny doesn't skimp on the drool during the blowjob, and it's pretty much all anal at a rapid clip for the rest of the scene. Plenty of DP is included as well. In the end, they each fill Brittney's luscious backdoor-container with cum, and she dribbles in into a glass and drinks it down. MLyons