Ava Dalush

Added June 20, 2014

Beautiful British brunette Ava Dalush sucks and fucks her way to a sticky vaginal creampie.

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Ava Dalush


Art & Addons piercing tattoo Breasts medium Butt thick Clothes bra dress high heels lingerie Cumshot creampie - pussy Ethnicity caucasian Eyes brown Face Type average next-door Fetish tittie play Furniture chair sofa Hair bangs long - straight Hair color brown Location living room outdoors Male - Cum average Male - Dick size big Position cowgirl doggystyle regular reverse cowgirl standing Pubic Hair hairy Pussy/Labia medium Sex blowjob - single deep throat Skin tone medium Tease boob flashing butt flashing flirting

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Hairy Bush

Love Ava Dalush, please bring her back for another scene.


It's good to see a British performer pop up on the site. I always prefer scenes with more interaction between either the performers or between the girl and someone off camera, and we get some here. I'd be quite happy for performers to chatter away in Russian and not understand a word they are saying. Ava also has something of a sparky attitude which comes across well, and which you also see in other excellent performers on this site like Misha Cross. And of course it helps that Ava looks great in too. She's an active, bouncy, energetic performer during the penetration, gives a good wet blowjob, and really seems to be enjoying herself. I absolutely loved her facial expressions while she was perched on the chair and the guy was banging away at her doggy style. Another fun scene, definitely recommended.


Ava Dalush is quickly becoming a star to keep an eye on. She has a huge range from innocent to slutty. I love it! This video is somewhere in the middle of that spectrum, giving viewers a great sampling of her talents. She may appear nubile enough, but her sexuality is simmering just beneath the surface, waiting to be unleashed. Major points added for her interaction with the camera. She goes as far as to order the viewer to lick her fingers after she has slid them in and out of her kitty. Points off for unkempt bush, but I won't dwell. She exudes confidence throughout the video, which is an exceptional turn-on. In addition to that, she shows how much she enjoys getting fucked. She smiles, and moans, and bites her bottom lip to make this video even hotter. Ava is clearly in the driver's seat throughout this scene. I enjoyed it very much. A keeper! - Civlor


I'm surprised to listen Ava's introduction. She speaks a lot during the video. I love the innovation! She shows her soft and smooth body. She makes me very horny because she describes her body parts (especially her hairy pussy).
She is very happy when the guy appears: she wants to suck the cock as soon as possible. She fucks in a lot of sex position and her moans are real and credible. She's amused and smiling when she rides the cock. "Gimme the spunk right in my cunt" she say. The guy satisfies her in a while and fills her pussy with a big load of cum. She's very happy touching the sperm oozing out the pussy. Ava's creampie is the most interactive of the latest months, of course. Good job, PG!
Girl rating: 7.5; Foreplay: 6.5; Sex: 8; Creampie: 9


This is a prime example as to what is missing from almost all of PerfectGonzo's past videos. That is the lack of interaction to the camera (Not cameraman) or to us the viewers. Ava does a amazing job addressing us, drawing us in to her. Lots of teasing and dirty talk. This is what I feel is missing from PerfectGonzo that I think can take it to the next level. The talking from the models help fill in the empty and very noticeable awkward silence void during the teasing portion. Please encourage the models to speak up. It doesn't even have to be in English, in their native language with subtitles is just fine. I can't help but cringe when a European model is forced to remember and struggle with English lines. It's noticeable to everyone and not at all sexy.


Dalush is British lass (more of these please) who tells us that she's "22 and loves cock". Well, who could doubt her. She has shaved pussy lips and a hairy top bush. She's also a bit of a chatterbox... "I'm sure this has got bigger" @ 16:20. The stud arrives and she gives him a bit of a blow job and he spends some time admiring her pubes. It's 25:50 and he's slipping it into her pussy and she's laying back and enjoying it. They do the nasty in a number of positions and she does pussy to mouth each time. She looks great at 40:00 on top with her but big butt all a-wobblin. He pops inside at 50:30 and a big load streams out, before she spreads with her fingers to show us a nice juicy pink clam. Well done. 8/10


Interaction is what gives special magic to this scene: In an extremely sexy way British lady Ava Dalush is talking us through the scene. It starts when she adresses the watcher during the tease and it continues until the end, when she asks the viewer how he liked to see the sperm dripping out of her pussy. @ PG: I know that most porngirls are not very talkative, but please encourage the models to talk in future scenes. The talking adds some "personal" touch to a porn scene. Ava is a natural porn sucker lady (her blowjob is a 9.5 out of 10) and all in total I rate this scene a 9/10. (Mr_White - Eurobabeindex)


You heard it straight from this beautiful British babe's mouth: Ava Dalush is very ripe and young. With an accent and attitude that will make most men extremely hard just from hearing her utter a few words, Ava teases us with some dirty talk like the professional whore that she is proud to be. Her curly brunette bush looks very warm and inviting and is the perfect complement to her "big Latin booty".
This is the type of scene that you'll need to watch several times, likely having stroked your cock dry before she even puts the hard male talent into her mouth. The way Ava plays with her pink pussy while pulling on her pubic hair is phenomenally sexy.
She tilts her head back in pleasure as she gets penetrated while spreading her sweet, thick thighs open for us to see how flexible she is.
This scene really sets a new golden standard for English-speaking models, finishing off with a flawless creampie dripping out of her precious pink cunt.


PG cocktail of the week: The Dalush. One part British, one part Mexican. Shaken, not stirred. This cutie is not your average Euro performer - she's an exotic mix best served warm. Fortunately, the sunny outdoor setting does just that, heating up Ava as she slowly shows off her curvy figure. No toys in this one as the male performer makes his entrance.

Ava works on her man by sucking him beautifully. They head inside as he returns the favor and is visibly delighted by her bush. The action that follows is purely vaginal, but it more than makes up for a lack of butt fucking. Ava is at her best on all fours, playing cowgirl and straddling a chair, positions that allow our girl to make the most of her generous ass in a non-anal scene. We wrap things up with the resident cock doing his best to get Ava pregnant. I cannot wait to see more of this princess. Excellent debut!

Note to staff: Encourage your models to be more vocal, just as Ava was. If English proves a little difficult for a girl then try rehearsing certain phrases beforehand. Oh, and more chair sex.

- Ivan


The absolute number one thing that stands out in this scene is Ava addresses the camera and the viewer during her tease, this continued through a great deal of the scene. She interacted a bit with the stud. I am not sure how many other of the PG girls have done that, but it really added to the every moment as you waited in anticipation of her next sexy little remake. Ava's british accent was impossibly sexy and very fun to listen too. During her masturbation Ava is very aggressive,grinding hard on her clit and penetrating herself with her fingers. This girl had the energy and the body to make for a VERY good scene. Easily a 8.5 out a 10. - Tudor-


In this scene, the model introduces herself in a very naughty and elegant way. She acclaims to be from the UK and proudly to have Mexican heritage, something that I personally loved to hear [because I'm Mexican, hehe]. And she is totally right, she is a true all natural beauty. Ava knows how to expose her sexuality in front of the camera and her joy of sex in a delightful way. She shows her sexy bush, her exquisite tits and big ass. Then, she finally starts sucking cock using perfectly her lips and tongue doing amazing deep throats while taking the balls of the male performer whit the other hand. I really enjoyed seeing her getting fucked with that huge ass she has. This girl is a must, to have her again for more scenes! [-Ramón]


Ava is a natural British beauty with a lot of charm and even a touch of class. But lucky for us she's not afraid to let her guard down for a little shag! Fans of natural bush are going to love her and should check out the lovely tease 2:40 into the movie and again at 14:00 when she runs her fingers through it. But never fear lovers of shaved pussy -- she's tastefully shaved where the action really occurs. Ava does not look like the typical porn star and I hope she keeps it this way. She's like a breath of fresh air -- young and pretty with long black hair and a radiant smile. The white dress she starts the video in is a great contrast with her hair both above the neck and below. It's also great for showing off her lovely breasts. She knows how to put on a sexy tease, even more effective with her British accent since she enjoys talking to the viewer as she teases. Later in the video, she provides some fantastic oral action to the lucky gentleman 19 minutes in. I love the eye contact with the camera making the viewer feel she's sucking him off. But look at the connection she has with the gentleman. She's no ordinary porn star. She seems to really enjoy the entire scene, and when the gentleman cums into her pussy at the end, she looks toward the camera, spreads her legs and asks if you enjoy watching her playing with the spunk dripping from her pussy. Yes we do, Ava. More of Ava please.