Alice D

Added April 18, 2014

Cute gothic girl Alice D loves to suck and fuck and then get a sticky load of semen injected in her pussy.

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Alice D


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Pretty blue eyes, body and face


I liked the look of Alice a lot, and the initial tease worked well for me, while her outfit was nicely chosen. It's a really well shot scene, with good pacing giving enough time to tease, blowjob and penetration, lots of good camera angles, and action in most of the positions you might want to see. I was hoping that Alice might be something of a blonde version of Misha Cross, but she came across a little bit too inexperienced and without the charisma you would look for. She does actually show plenty of energy during the sex in this scene, it just didn't quite click for me in the way I hoped. Still a well made scene though.


This video and this girl are awesome; I loved the girl so very much, she had my weiner hard as a rock and I shot a nice load of cum after watching her being fucked in the video, I would love to slide my shaft into her warm vagina.


This is the first video I watched on this site and I enjoyed every second of it and thought it was absolutely excellent. If this is any indication of what is on this site it looks like this site is just awesome. Thanks to this site for being so superior to the other sites I have seen and thanks to the beautiful girls who are on this site making it the best I have seen.


Alice is the smart, shy gothic girl who sat at the front of your high school math class. The one that you had always suspected was an absolute demon in bed and that you always wanted to see naked, yet were never sure that you would ever get the chance. Well, your opportunity has finally arrived: Alice will pull your cock out and suck you off for a little bit right after removing her sexy black outfit and showing off her beautiful pale-skin body. The light touch that she uses to caress her sweet ass and pussy at the beginning of the scene are of stark contrast to the rough fucking she receives a little while later. Her tight cunt is so inviting that the stud doesn't even waste time fully removing her clothes, ramming her doggystyle as her pants remain wrapped around her skinny ankles.
Alice's long pale legs are perfectly positioned as she lays on her back for her horny audience to see. Eventually, she takes a seat, allowing the rock-hard penis to penetrate her perfect round bottom as she bounces up and down vigorously.
The scene builds up to a great climax as Alice lets a creamy load drip out of her beautiful vagina. Hopefully this isn't the last we'll see of this amazingly pale goddess.


Alice is a punk girl and her blue eyes are very sorrowful. Her nipples are hard and they stick out her see-through top. Her fair complexion stands out against her tattoos and her crimsoned lips. Her pussy is perfectly shaved and cum hungry. When the guy appears, she can't wait to lick his dick slowly. When the cock is ready, she promptly offers her pussy to let him prepare the cream juice. During the lovemaking, she doesn't scream a lot but she really enjoy the cock inside her pussy. I asked to Perfectgonzo guys to shot a reverse cowgirl creampie. I love that position because you can see her face, her tits and her belly when a big load of cum being injected inside her. Thank you, guys. You are the best!
Girl rating: 8.5; Foreplay: 7; Sex: 7; Creampie: 10


As Civlor stated Alice D is not your stereotypical porn star with fake boobs, puffy lips and all over tan. Instead she is a thin pale blonde who may have never seen the sun. But I say vive le difference! She is not my personal preference but she still looks just fine using her painted lips all over the stud's hard cock ten minutes into the video. And her pussy takes his cock just fine in various positions. I dig watching her ride it about 35 minutes into the video. And with the white sticky cum leaking from her pussy just before 40 minutes her pale skin looks positively radiant. Again, not my favorite but a fine alternative to the standard porn queen. mmmgood


I do my best not to be negative about the girls. It has to be a tough job when so much is based on your appearance. I have a ton of respect and admiration for all of them. Alice just does not do it for me. As a video it is on par with the rest. As a matter of fact, Alice does a slightly better than average job with her acting. I will defer to the other reviewers to give a more in-depth analysis. - Civlor